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Conisus (co-nee-sus) is a network of innovative companies dedicated to improving the care of patients by delivering superior medical education programs to healthcare professionals. Our goal is to provide world-class medical education content while demonstrating unrivaled service to healthcare professionals, clients, and educational supporters, ensuring the highest degree of integrity.

Jeff Giampalmi
CEO – Conisus, LLC

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Our Companies

Educational Concepts Group, LLC

Educational Concepts Group, LLC (ECG) specializes in continuing education programs for oncology and hematology professionals.

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Envision Communications

A full-service medical education and communications company

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E Squared Communications, LLC

A global communications company with extensive experience managing US and international initiatives

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Vereo Communications

Vereo (vuh ray oh) is a global medical communications company with a thoughtful, well-considered approach to first-in-class services to clients in specialized therapeutic areas.

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