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by Conisus
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“From corporate boardrooms to educational forums to medical conferences, we see the rise of collaborative intelligence over competitive individualism”

We have always been taught that great historical accomplishments were the result of individual men and women, but this idea has never been true. For example, the American Revolution is largely attributed to heroic actions by Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and a few others. Although all were brilliant, they would not have been positioned to make history without thousands of others meeting and organizing informally throughout the US during the preceding decade. The drive for revolution slowly emerged even though a select few seemed to drive this change quickly. “History percolates up from the depths of hidden collaborative energy. It operates from the ground up, not top down.” The paradigm shift away from individualism of the past will be an adjustment for many people.

The issues facing us in 2018 and beyond are gaining in complexity, so we must change our mindset from the heroic and “special” individual to collaborative intelligence.

Trends Journal, Fall 2017, pp. 26-29.

By Doug Grunther, Contributing Writer

Jeff Giampalmi