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ATLANTAAug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In the first half of 2018, Conisus, a strategic marketing and medical communications agency focused on brand strategy, business intelligence (BI), and peer-to-peer programming, announced several important accomplishments.

In January, S Phase was invited to present its best-in-class BI solutions specifically created for pharmaceutical companies at the CBI Analytics Conference. The conference focused on leveraging visualization tools to manage healthcare provider interactions for the pharmaceutical industry. Blake Walter, Director of Analytics, and Dr. Rich Leff, Chief Medical Officer, introduced attendees to S Phase’s unique ability to combine quantitative data sets with qualitative knowledge to optimize brand strategy for the pharmaceutical industry.

“Many data analytics companies can integrate with external or internal data sources, compile these data and generate a list of names based on certain criteria,” said Jeff Giampalmi, CEO of S Phase’s parent company Conisus. “But at S Phase, we supplement quantitative data sets with unparalleled qualitative knowledge based on over 150 years of combined experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. This combination of quantitative and qualitative expertise is what differentiates S Phase from other data analytic companies.”

Deborah Prince, President of S Phase, explained that “S Phase’s BI solutions are designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, unlike other platforms. We have a password-protected and firewalled solution for various pharmaceutical stakeholders including medical affairs, compliance, operations, marketing, thought leader liaisons, and sales. Many agencies outsource analytical services, but we have everything in-house and leverage our team’s industry experience to augment key findings.”

In June, Conisus and its subsidiaries, Envision, E Squared and S Phase, collaborated with Oncology Business Review (OBR) for the second straight year to host a preview webinar for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting entitled: ASCO 2018: A Panel Discussion of Clinical Presentations With Practice-Changing Potential. Conisus leveraged its BI platform to analyze and segment over two thousand data abstracts by disease state, author institution, and geography. These subsets gave attendees an opportunity to view the abstracts from a global perspective. Conisus also provided a case study on challenges in clinical trial recruitment by illustrating the mismatch between open phase 2/3 metastatic pancreatic cancer trials and the number of eligible patients in the United States.

“Conisus identified several pivotal presentations at ASCO that have the potential to significantly alter treatment paradigms in cancer care,” said Don Smith, Chief Strategy Officer at Conisus. The ASCO 2018 Preview webinar featured an expert panel of physicians who discussed these presentations followed by a Q&A session. Over 600 professionals from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical education, consulting, and banking sectors attended the webinar. This number included 500 unique pharmaceutical and biotechnology participants from marketing, medical affairs, operations, clinical development, sales, and other disciplines, representing 200 distinct companies.

In the first of half of 2018, Conisus and its subsidiaries executed over 1,500 educational events with more than 500 occurring on-site at the 2018 ASCO and European Hematology Association (EHA) meetings in Chicago, Illinois, and Stockholm, Sweden, respectively. These included peer-to-peer educational exchanges in a panoply of disease states among international, national, regional, and local hematologists/oncologists and allied healthcare providers.

“We continue expanding both our client base and our reach with hematology and oncology professionals,” explained Jeff Giampalmi, CEO of Conisus. “Few agencies can move with our speed and efficiency, and even fewer have the technological resources, industry relationships, and deep experience to provide a meaningful strategic partnership.”

About Conisus

Based in Atlanta, Conisus and its subsidiaries, S Phase, Envision, and E Squared, are leading providers of strategic medical communications services to the biopharmaceutical industry. We are dedicated to improving the care of patients with serious or life-threatening conditions by delivering unparalleled medical education programs to healthcare professionals. Our goal is to provide best-in-class strategic services while demonstrating unrivaled service to healthcare professionals and clients, ensuring that all operations reflect the highest degree of integrity.