S Phase Completes Multiple Pharmaceutical Company CRM Integrations in 2016

by Conisus
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Atlanta, January 25, 2017

S Phase, an Atlanta-based company focusing exclusively on providing strategic and logistical speakers bureau and peer-to-peer programming for biopharmaceutical companies, continues to accrue unparalleled expertise in data integration and exchange, including multiple CRM integrations for a number of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies.

“We’re watching our customer’s ecosystems evolve,” said Deborah Prince, President of S Phase, “and it’s clear that accurate, robust, and sophisticated data integration support has become a core requirement. Naturally, S Phase is evolving toowith enhanced services and amplified technology platformto ensure the highest quality solutions for all our clients.”

For one such client, S Phase launched a series of parallel integrations, one connecting with the Veeva Systems CRM platform and another leveraging IMS Health’s Nexxus™ platform. “This is an orchestrated, multipoint integrated solution,” explained Giovanni Gomez, Director of Software Development for S Phase. “In short, we’re providing real-time multidirectional connectivitycollecting and consuming master data, activity data, target and alignment datawhich allows S Phase to understand each unique activity and interaction within the full context of the client’s ecosystem. We can then distribute activity and interaction data back through multiple client systems to inform and report to our clients’ Sales Operations, Data Insights, Compliance, and Strategic Reporting teams, all with full automation and fault-tolerant reliability.”

This is just one example of the integration capabilities and inter-operability focus of S Phase. “We’re at every level, from standard master data integration and data exchange to full and deep integration with CRM platforms,” Deborah Prince added, “offering not only ease of use and simplification for Field Sales users but also expanded data insightaccurate and unified reporting across the medical communications and promotional service spectrum.”

S Phase builds and maintains integrations involving a number of different platforms with small- and medium-sized biopharmaceutical companies and ranging from flat file with SFTP delivery to secure real-time web service integrations. “Our typical customer engagements include a mix of services and data integrations,” said Jason Hayes, Chief Operations Officer, “typically between 5 and 10 unique points of integration per client but sometimes numbering more than 20, spanning various systems, platforms, entities and mechanisms.”

Examples of the kinds and types of systems with which S Phase integrates:

    • Customer Master Data
        • Profiles for both individuals and organizations, with multiple attributes, addresses, statuses, etc.
        • Support for ongoing MDM activities, including profile updates, merges and purges
        • Support for automated add requests and closed-loop resolutions and profile matching
    • ​Operational Master Data
        • Product, brand, and indication data
        • Field sales organization and hierarchy
        • Field sales and home office users
        • Field sales assignment of users to territories, including roles and effective dates
        • Customer alignment via direct customer-to-territory and/or ZIP-to-territory relationships, including target level ratings
    • Multiple other CRM/commercial support system integrations

About S Phase

Based in Atlanta, S Phase is an exclusive provider of strategic and logistical speakers bureau and peer-to-peer programming services for biopharmaceutical companies. We are dedicated to improving the care of patients with serious or life-threatening conditions by delivering superior medical education programs to healthcare professionals. For more information, please contact Jeff Giampalmi, CEO, via email at jgiampalmi@conisus.com or LinkedIn.